Welcome to H2Brew – where every sip takes you to a tropical beach far away. “A tropical beach is only a sip away” is our motto, and it permeates every drop of our craft-brewed hard seltzers. We offer a flavor journey to the Far East no matter where you are, with our range of exquisite flavors.

Our Craft Brewed Hard Seltzer is unique with zero added sugar and an alcohol content of 4.5%. It’s an experience of fantastic flavors from around the world, all encapsulated in a single can. “Flavors of the Far East, no matter where you are” is our promise to you – whether you’re in Helsingborg or anywhere else, you’ll discover the rich tastes from distant places.

What makes H2Brew even more special is the story behind it. Our brewery was founded by an Irishman and an Aussie who decided to combine their passions and create something extraordinary together. Join us on our journey through the beverage industry and discover our internationally inspired beers.

H2Brew is not just a brewery; it’s a destination for flavor adventures. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply looking for something new and refreshing, we have something for you. Welcome to experience our innovative hard seltzers, and let H2Brew be your guide to a world of exciting flavors.

Välkommen till Malmö Öl- & Whiskyfestival

Mowfestival.se innehåller information om alkohol och vänder sig till personer som är 20 år eller äldre. Hur gammal är du?